#werideforpaul: YT Industry Riders Raffle Off Frames For Paul Basagoitia

It’s amazing to watch the rider community come together to support an injured pro. This year’s Red Bull Rampage was overshadowed by the serious injury of Paul Basagoitia. The American’s life is now thankfully out of danger, but he will still have to undergo a lengthy and costly rehabilitation process. For this reason, Rampage sponsor YT has decided to auction off its TUES CF Rampage Signature Frames and to donate the proceeds towards Paul Basagoitia’s medical costs. We send our blessings to Paul and his family and thank YT and the riders for supporting a fallen pro with a love for the sport.

The 4 TUES CF Rampage Signature frames will be put up for auction on eBay as of Friday, October 23:


Click here to bid on Cam Zink’s bike!



Click here to bid on Kelly McGarry’s bike!


Click here to bid on Yannick Granieri’s bike!


Click here to bid on Andreu Lacondeguy’s bike!

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