Top Moments in Action Sports in 2015

2015 was an epic-filled year of action and adventure!

With action sports growing at an alarming rate, there was plenty of epic stunts, spills, wins and breakthroughs in 2015. Soul id strives to bring you all of the top stories, videos and photos in the industry. We decided to create a list of the top news story of each sport we support. Let’s rewind the clock and take a look at 2015 and what it had to offer.

BMX: Tyler Fernengel Rides the Abandoned Silverdome

Tyler Fernengel silverdome

Photo: Ryan Fudger

On May 14, 2015, Detroit native, Ryan Fernengel got the keys to the abandoned Silverdome in Detroit and had the opportunity to take his bike for a spin around the stadium and create some epic content. The photos and video edit created quickly gained international attention on mainstream media. With the Silverdome being abandoned and falling a part, it was a perfect stage for Tyler to ride in an extremely unique environment.

What was the craziest thing you saw inside the closed Silverdome?

Just seeing the suites — stuff I never got the chance to experience — and they are completely rundown. All that stuff cost so much money once and it is now completely worthless. It’s just passed its time …

Original Story: Abandoned Silverdome Becomes BMX Dream Playground

Motocross: Ryan Dungey Crowned (Again) With 450 SX and MX Championship

Photo: Kyle Nelson

Photo: Kyle Nelson

Fan favorite and legend in the making, Ryan Dungey, has made a household name for himself being one of the greatest Motocross professionals in history. He is quickly climbing the ranks with win after win and clinching the AMA Pro Motocross Championship. Not only did Dungey clinch the 450 Championship for both Supercross and Motocross title but he also won the 2015 ESPY Award for best male action sports athlete in 2015.

Clearly Ryan Dungey has proven himself in the industry and at only 26 years old, with 67 AMA total wins (5th overall) he has plenty of seasons to place himself at number one for most total wins.

Surfing: Mick Fanning Shark Attack

Photo: Adam Gibson

Photo: Adam Gibson

Not all news was great news in 2015. At this years J-Bay Open in July, Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark. This not only shook the world of surfing but the whole action sports industry. When events such as this shark attack happen, it brings the community together and reflect on how we can better protect our athletes and begins the conversation about safety. Luckily Mick Fanning was untouched and still hitting the waves!

“I saw a splash behind me, and when that happened I felt something pulling on my leg, and I guess that was when it was stuck on my leg rope. I knew something was wrong then.”

Original Story: Fanning Challenges Brutal Waves

Climbing: Will Gadd Ascends Frozen Niagara Falls

Photo: Greg Mionske

Photo: Greg Mionske

World renowned ice climber Will Gadd did the unthinkable this year. He climbed the partially frozen Niagara Falls live on TV. Will Gladd is known to travel the world in search of climbing the impossible. Climbing Niagara falls was a lifelong mission for Will and was grateful for the opportunity.

Mountain Biking: Brett Rheeder Wins FMB World Tour

Photo: Jarno Scjurgers

Brett Rheeder, arguably one of the top riders out of Canada, clinched the FMB World Tour Championship. It was a close battle throughout the season between Brett Rheeder, Brandon Semenuk and Nicholi Rogatkin. Brett placed 1st in Crankworx Les2Alpes Slopestyle, Swatch Prime Line and Crankworx Rotorua Slopestyle; giving him 1000 points for each event, placing him in first overall in world standings.

Brett continues to place in the top slopestlye events around the world and still has plenty of years ahead of himself to prove himself as one of the top riders in history.

Snowboarding: Yuki Kadono Back to Back 1620s

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

Photo: Chris Wellhausen

A new level was created at the 2015 Burton US Open Slopestyle this year when Yuki Kadono landed the first back to back 1620s. After McMorris set the record of completing the first 1620 in a competition, Yuki saw his bet and raised him 1 extra 1620. Yuki Kadono had an epic year after winning the Air + Style LA, Burton US Open Slopestyle, and placed third in the Big Air event at the Aspen X Games.

Being only 19, Yuki has made a huge name for himself this year. We can’t wait to see what he has in store for us this winter season!

Longboarding: Troy Grenier Wins The International Downhill Federation Canadian World Cup

Photo: Longboarding Whistler Festival

Photo: David Price

Whistler, Canada is typically known for its epic mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing; now the area is becoming more known for its longboarding. The 2015 International Downhill Federation Canadian World Cup was held at the Whistler Longboarding Festival and what an epic event it was. It was held on a wet cold September day, which creates perfect conditions for competitive longboarding. Longboarding pro Troy Grenier took first place in the finals and was crowned the world cup champion for 2015.

Original Story: Open Finals – End to End coverage!

Skiing: Lindsay Vonn Scores Third Victory At Lake Louise

Photo: Alexis Boichard

Photo: Alexis Boichard

Lindsay Vonn has been on a winning streak her whole career. She holds the record for the most championship wins and is arguably the best female skier to compete in the Olympics. This year she scored her third victory at Lake Loius in Canada, now being dubbed “Lake Lindsay”. Her perfect weekend at “Lake Lindsay” was the first after a long season of injuries and has been quoted to be looking forward to competing for the rest of the season.

Skateboarding: Danny Way Breaks the World Record for the Highest Air

Photo: Monster Energy

Photo: Monster Energy

Skating legend Danny Way has a lot to be proud with so many accomplishments in skating. In 2003 he had set the highest air record at 23.5 feet. This year he decided that wasn’t high enough so he gave it another try on the super pipe. The new record is now set at 25.5 feet. Since 2003 there have not been any publicized attempts at breaking the record because it was thought to be impossible. Danny Way proved us wrong by breaking his own record with a couple feet to spare.

Wakeboarding: Wakeboarding Returns To The X Games

Photo: X Games

Photo: X Games

Wakeboarding from 1996 to 2005 had a prime time spot during the X Games but with falling ratings and not as much interest, X Games decided to drop it completely. With rising interest and a large pull from MasterCraft, Wakeboarding was back prime time again with “X Games Real Wake”. Although the Real Wake competition was not a part of the large X Games summer events it was publicized largely on ABC and was widely accepted by wakeboard junkies and the action sports industry as a whole. We look forward to seeing what the future has entailed for wakeboarding and see the industry progress!

Honorable Mention: Robbie Madison’s “Pipe Dream”

Photo: Transworld Motocrss

Photo: Transworld Motocross

We can’t talk about Action Sports in 2015 with out bringing up the epic stunt that Robbie Madison pulled off. One man with one vision: ride a wave with his dirt bike. He did that and so much more with the support of DC shoes. The video quickly went viral on mainstream media around the world and progressed the whole action sports industry to a new level. Awesome job Robbie!

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