Top 3 Action Sports News Stories of September

Top 3 action sports stories insta 2

The month of September brought us some epic events including Red Bull Hardline, Hurley Pro at Trestles, and Whistler Longboard Festival. Let’s take a closer look at the top 3 action sports news stories of September.

Red Bull Hardline

Adam Brayton performing at Red Bull Hard Line. Photo by SvenMartin.

Adam Brayton at Red Bull Hard Line. Photo by Sven Martin.

The Red Bull Hardline is by far one of the top difficult and popular mountain biking event in the world. Based in Dinas Mawddwy, Wales, the hardline track was designed by mountain biking legend Dan Atherton. An amazing amount of effort was put into this event on behalf of Dan Atherton and his crew. They built one some of the most technically difficult and epic trails within 6 weeks time. As for the event, it brought in the top Donwhill riders in the world to take on this behemoth of a trail.

Red Bull Hardline final results

1. Ruaridh Cunningham 3m53.785s
2. Joe Smith 3m57.402s
3. Bernard Kerr 4m1.035s
4. Adam Brayton 4m11.028s
5. Reece Wilson 4m15.335s
6. Craig Evans 4m20.701s
7. Alex Bond 7m47.398s
8. Gee Atherton 10m47.941s

Check out more on how Dan Atherton build the Hardline trails: Why Red Bull Hardline is a real mean downhill race

More info. and results on the event: Watch the Toughest Downhill Race Ever

Hurley Pro in Trestles

Mick Fanning at the Hurley Pro at Trestles. Photo by James Crowley.

Mick Fanning at the Hurley Pro at Trestles. Photo by James Crowley.

Like every surfing event this past season there was amazing maneuvers by the pro’s and memorable battles between the top ranked surfers. The Hurley Pro top battle was between Mick Fanning and Andriano de Souza. The energy was high as the Hurley Pro kicked off with massive swells that came in from Hurricane Linda. It was a pleasant surprise for the competitors and they took advantage of it after their energy fizzled out from recent small swells during practice.

There was solid surfing all around from all contestants but the highlight of the weekend was Mick Fanning’s powerful final round turning a 9.77. Check out a playback of his final round: Fanning’s Pocket Power in Final

As for the Swatch’s Women Pro, the women put on amazing show with a close battle throughout the event. In the end Carrisa Moore came out in first, with Bianca Buitendag close behind her.

Find more info. and full standings on both the Hurley Pro and Swatch’s Women’s Pro at: World Surf League

Whistler Longboard Festival

Competitors at the Whistler Longboard Festival. Courtesy of Whistler Longboard Festival.

Competitors at the Whistler Longboard Festival. Courtesy of Whistler Longboard Festival.

Whistler has a long history of supports action and adventure sports, most well-known would be for mountain biking. With involvement and the national scene growing rapidly, Whistler now holds one of the largest festivals and competitions in the longboarding community, The Whistler Longboard Festival. The festival is a weekend long event held at the Whistler Olympic village resort to celebrate longboarding and progress the sport. One of the top downhill races happens during the weekend as well, the Landyachtz World Cup Race. The top longboarders from around the world come to compete for top prizes and to be dubbed the winner. The course is fast and intense, including 11 wide corners and 8 hairpin turns.

Although its only the festivals 3rd year, it’s anticipated that the Whistler Longboard Festival is one of the main reasons why the longboard industry is progressing so fast. For more information on the Whistler Longboard Festival check out: Whistler Longboard Festival

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