The Uprise of Women’s Skiing

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The Story Behind The Brand

The sport of skiing and snowboarding has always been dominated by male influence for both high quality advanced hard goods as well as the huge salaries for the professional male athletes.  Last year was a tipping point for a couple of avid female skiers who after many epic days and conversations on the mountain decided to make their mark in the ski and snowboard industry.  Coalition Snow is a startup that makes skis and snowboards designed by women, designed for women, and an operation that is run solely by women.  A huge factor revolving this decision was due to the disappointment of a new pair of all mountain skis designed specifically for advanced female riders by a well-known company.  The skis sucked due to the poor structural rigidity of the layup of the ski where metal was needed to add the necessary rigidity to allow for those endless high-speed turns and the epic carves down the mountain.  


Women that ride hard need high quality products that perform to their standards on the mountain.  It’s a complex recipe of finding the correct shape of skis with the right structural rigidity combined to make a high quality pair of women’s skis that will allow for epic days on the mountain without any disappointments.  The women behind Coalition Snow have made it their mission to produce high quality skis and snowboards that will allow women to reach their highest potential on the mountain with a foresight in being able to sponsor women with salaries that match elite male athletes.   Aside from providing women with high quality skis is to inspire women to get out to shred.  The women at Coalition Snow are a highly motivated group of people that want to make a difference in the industry as well as remain a full female small business operation hailing out of the beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA region. To learn more, check out their website:


Photo: Cayley Alger

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