The 2015 Soul id Wake Fest Recap


Photo by: Jacob Auby

For the first time in Chico history, Soul id threw one of the sickest wakeboarding competitions in Sycamore pool of Lower Bidwell Park in Chico, CA!  With over 1,200 people in attendance and multiple winch system sending riders over two kickers and a 24-foot rail, the 2015 Soul id WakeFest was one for the books. Here are a few of the best shots to give you a taste of all the action at the 2015 Soul id WakeFest:


Photo by: Gabe Friedman


Photo by: Gabe Friedman


Photo by: Jake Auby

The event began at 3:30 p.m. with Ellen Falltrick singing the National Anthem in remembrance of 9/11 and to honor firefighters and EMT’s everywhere before the action began. With the crowd cheering, the men’s and women’s intermediate competition began. With over 30 athletes that competed from the intermediate to pro level, the riders were pushing it to the max with tantrums, scarecrows, and even Chico State wakeboarder Rex LaVerne attempting a Raley!


Photo by: Gabe Friedman

Travis Briscoe, former Chico State Wakeboarding team coach and national champion, shared his thoughts on the course:

Quote Marks: Briscoe: “I’m a little nervous, it’s always scary with winches because you never know what’s gunna happen with them, they can be a little finicky. But, it will be fun! I just want to try it and get booted and hopefully not land on my head!”


Photo by: Jake Auby

The 2015 Soul id WakeFest would not have been possible without our sponsors. A big thank you to the guys that made it possible!

-Hughes Ski Hut
-Courtesy Motors of Chico- Subaru
-Design by Humans
-Fleet Feet
-Beast Up Energy Drink
-Pull Dozer
-Wanderful Media
-Hyperlite Wakeboards
-103.5 The Blaze
-Mix 95.1
-KPAY Sports
-FPV Solutions
-Upper Park Clothing
-The City of Chico
-The Bidwell Park Comission

Winners of the 2015 Soul id WakeFest


1st: Brandon Mercer: 40 Points
2nd: Dalton Hedden: 36 Points
3rd: Thomas Costa: 33 Points

Soul id: How does it feel to be the first place winner of one of the first wakeboarding events in Chico?

Brandon Mercer: “Pretty good. I am really surprised at the outcome, it was awesome to have all these rails and jumps out here, I just went out there had and did my best and had fun. My favorite part about this event was that Soul id put this event on and we were able to get out here and ride.

Intermediate Men’s:


Photo by: Gabe Friedman

1st: Scott Rodriguez: 24 Points
2nd: Tanner Spott: 23 Points
3rd: Colby Spangberg: 20 Points

Soul id: How does it feel to win the first wakeboarding event in Chico history?

Scott Rodriguez: “That was great, it was a lot of fun out here. It was trying something new, this was something that the team (Chico State Wakeboarding Team) had always wanted to do since freshman year. Glad to be a part of it.”

Intermediate Women’s:


Photo by: Jake Auby

1st: Stephanie LaClaire: 24 Points
2nd: Christy Walpwit: 16 Points
3rd: Morgan January: 10 Points

Soul id: How does it feel to be the first women to win Chico’s first wakeboarding event in history?

Stephanie LaClaire: “It feels pretty awesome, it was nice to get out there and ride. To get first place was a surprise.”

The competition was judged by Andy Fox of NorthStar resort and Colter Hedden, Pro-AM wakeboarder and general manager of Beast Up energy.


Photo by: Jake Auby

The 2015 Soul id WakeFest was a celebration of the sport of wakeboarding, and proved to show the community the talent that these athletes hold. Stay tuned with the latest wakeboarding news, stories, and content here on Soul id.

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