Sean Woulfe: Day in the Life of a Soul id Team Member


Sean Woulfe, Social Media Manager and Event Coordinator at Soul id.

Sean Woulfe, Social Media Manager and Event Coordinator at Soul id.

A day in the life of Sean Woulfe, Soul id team member, usually consists of waking up around 9 a.m. and making a delicious breakfast consisting of two eggs, bacon, a bagel, and a cup of green tea and honey. Sometimes Sean will mix it up with a Greek yogurt and banana slices, but bacon usually comes first.

After starting his day off at home, Sean heads to our downtown Chico Soul id office to get started on his daily tasks with the rest of the Soul id team. As the Social Media Manager, Sean runs the Soul id Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest accounts. As he makes sure our social media is constantly updated with the coolest and latest Soul id content, Sean is consistently replying to any comments and messages throughout the day on our social media accounts.


Sean Woulfe hard at work in the downtown Chico Soul id office.

Sean Woulfe hard at work in the downtown Chico Soul id office.


Currently in his senior year at Chico State, Sean is majoring in Project Management and runs all of Soul id’s events as well. “I am responsible for breaking down any events that we put on, and I ensure that each Soul id team member does their part to complete each task to ensure the success of our events. I love this role because Project Managment is what I study at Chico State, and I am now able to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it into the events that we put on,” –Sean Woulfe.

After completing his daily work for Soul id, Sean usually heads over to the Chico State WREC for a work-out before heading home. Being active and healthy is one of the most important thing’s in Sean’s life. After his work out, Sean heads home to his nearby house in Chico where he lives with fellow Soul id members Ben Sampson and Eli Libby. After making dinner, Sean usually finishes his day with additional Soul id work, Netflix, and reading.

Sean Woulfe and fellow Soul id team member and roommate, Eli Libby.

Sean Woulfe and fellow Soul id team member and roommate, Eli Libby.

Q&A with Sean Woulfe:

Soul id: What is your goal for Soul id as one of the original founding members?

Sean Woulfe: My goal is for Soul id to become a household brand name for athletes.

Soul id: Why are you a part of the Soul id Team?

Sean Woulfe: I love sports, I love start ups, and Soul id combines the two. How could I pass up this amazing opportunity? It’s a dream job. Everyday that I go to work at Soul id, it doesn’t feel as though I am going to “work”, because I truly enjoy what I do. But more than that, I love what Soul id represents. We are building a community for athletes and photographers to share their talent, and further their respective sports. The potential is endless, and being apart of the team is fun. Oh, and I have the opportunity to work with some of my best friends, that is always a plus.

Soul id: Where are you originally from and why do you live in Chico?

Sean Woulfe: I am originally from Granite Bay, CA which is suburb outside of Sacramento. I moved to Chico four years ago to start studying business at Chico State. I have fallen in love with Chico, so I definitely want to continue living here after my last semester in December. I love the college town feel, the start-up community, and all of the nature that Bidwell Park provides. I really want to stay in Chico and build Soul id.

Soul id: What extreme sports do you do?

Sean Woulfe: Snowboarding is my main love, I’ve been shredding for over 10 years now. Mountain biking is another new found love that I have dabbled into recently. I love to go out to the river or lake and wakeboard too.

Soul id: Why do you like extreme sports?

Sean Woulfe: Fear. And the adrenaline pump the fear gives you when you overcome it.  That moment before I hit a jump, fear shoots through my body, makes my heart pump, and my brain tell me not to hit it. But when I do over come the fear (sometimes I don’t,) I will drop in and go for it with the adrenaline shooting through me. That feeling is addicting. I love being in the outdoors and in nature. Extreme sports is my path through nature.

Soul id: What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

Sean Woulfe: I jumped out of a moving plane and skydived after I told myself I would never try such a thing. Goes to show, never say never. Because it was fun! And I cannot wait to do it again.

Soul id: If you could only bring three things to a deserted island and you were stranded, what would they be?

Sean Woulfe: A compass, instructions on how to build a boat, and instructions on how to desalinate water. Since I like to break the rules, I would bring a 4th item, my GoPro HERO4 Black to record my epic journey. I am a survivor, and I do not like to sit around without taking action, I’ll get off that island, and I’ll get back to civilization as soon as possible with a story worthy of a movie, and the footage to make it.

Soul id: What is your favorite activity to do?

Sean Woulfe: There no better feeling that I know of than hitting a fresh powder line on the backside of a mountain with my best friends around me.

Soul id: Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja and why?

Sean Woulfe: A ninja; ninjas are mysterious, smooth, and good with the ladies. Pirates smell bad, scurvy is terrible, and I get sea sick easily.

Soul id: Do you have a motto?

Sean Woulfe: Yes I do, 1.) Create like a god, 2.) Demand like a king, and 3.) Work like a slave. It’s my motto on how to be successful.

To follow Sean Woulfe on Soul id, check out his profile here!

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