Pro Wakeboarding Tour Event 3 Recap


Josh Twelker takes his first run at the Pro Wakeboard Tour! Photo by Kyle Nelson

Josh Twelker on the opening run of the Pro Men’s Wakeboard competition: “I just got off the water just now and had a pretty solid run, I’m moving onto semi-finals and I’m stoked about that.” Photo by Kyle Nelson.

It was a perfect day for wakeboarding at the Pro Wake Tour #3 event at the Mossdale Quarry Lake in Lathrop, CA yesterday. With sunny skies, a slight breeze in the air that was full of energy from an ecstatic crowd full of smiles, it made for a day full of great wake sports action.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

The action kicked off with the Pro Men Surf and Skim Semifinals at 10:00 a.m. with the orange Supra SE550 seeing it’s first towing action of the day on the water. The wakeboarding action kicked off around 11:00 a.m. and the riders started flying high and throwing the gnarliest wakeboarding tricks out there.


Noah Fiegel, 3rd place finisher, getting sideways! Photo by Eli Libby.

Soul id 100 photographer Bill Doster was covering the event on an upper ridge for Wakeboarding Magazine and Soul id interviewed him on the scene:

Lars G.: How have you seen the sport of wakeboarding progress over the years?

Bill Doster: It’s progressed a long ways since I’ve started, I’ve been there since almost day one. I’ve watched it come from tiny wakes to difficulty to learn new moves. The guys have been progressing like crazy, what’s really helped the past five years is that the wakes have almost tripled in size with the new boats out there. These guys are able to unleash on massive moves, double front flips, double back flips, there really progressing in the amplitude of the moves, it’s great to see.

Lars G.: How did you get started in extreme sports photography?

Bill Doster: I was a tournament water skier as a kid, not considered really an extreme sport today, it was back then. I wasn’t good enough to make a living in that lifestyle as a pro water skier, and so I always had a camera at tournaments and I looked down one day and I was like ‘here’s my vehicle, this is how I can stay in lifestyle and stay in this business for the rest of my life.’ I started from there and wakeboarding came on shortly after I started shooting full time and I’ve been there since day one and I’m still doing it.”

Bill Doster Soul id

Soul id 100 Photographer Bill Doster.

Here are the final results from all three event’s from

Pro Wakesurf Semi-Finals (Riders in Bold Advance)
Heat 1
1. Keenan Flegel 110.9
2. Chris Wolter 103.3

3. Noah Flegel 102.8
4. Aaron Witherall 102.7
5. Parker Payne 102.4
6. Trevor Miller 72.6

Pro Skim Semi-Finals (Riders in Bold Advance)
Heat 1
1. Keenan Flegel 109.1
2. Noah Flegel 108.2

3. Aaron Witherell 107.4
4. Parker Payne 106.8
5. Trevor Fearson 95.7
6. Austin Keen 91.6

Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Quarter-Finals (Riders in Bold Advance)
Heat 1
1. Phillip Soven 85.67
2. Rusty Malinoski 83.67

3. Josh Twelker 66.67
4. Brad Teunissen 53.33

Heat 2
1. Mike Dowdy 88.00
2. Noah Flegel 84.00
3. Daniel Powers 65.67

4. Gunnar Shuler 38.33

Heat 3
1. Cory Teunissen 89.00
2. Tony Iacconi 76.00
3. Austin Hair 66.67
4. Christian Primrose 60.00

Heat 4
1. Harley Clifford 92.67
2. Tony Carroll 81.00
3. Parker Siegele 75.67
4. Damien Adam 58.33

Pro Skim Finals
Heat 1
1. Keenan Flegel 115.2
2. Noah Flegel 112.1

Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Semi-Finals (Riders in Bold Advance)
Heat 1
1. Phillip Soven 83.33
1. Mike Dowdy
3. Parker Siegele 75.00
4. Daniel Powers 68.33

Heat 2
1. Cory Teunissen 87.00
2. Tony Carroll 81.00

3. Rusty Malinoski 75.67
4. Josh Twelker 70.00

Heat 3
1. Harley Clifford 94.00
2. Noah Flegel 89.33

3. Tony Iacconi 78.33
4. Austin Hair 70.00

Pro Wakesurf Finals
Heat 1
Chris Wolter 108.60
Keenan Flegel 108.30

Men’s Professional Wakeboarding Finals
Heat 1
1. Harley Clifford 95.67
2. Mike Dowdy 92.00
3. Noah Flegel 85.67
4. Phillip Soven 83.33
5. Tony Carroll 80.00
6. Cory Teunissen 70.00


Pro Skim: Keenan Flegel with a score of 115.2.

Pro Wakesurf: Chris Wolter with a score of 108.60.

Men’s Pro Wakeboarding: Harley Clifford with a score of 95.67.

Soul id Media Team members, Lars Gustafson and Connor Rickey, interviewing 1st place champion Harley Clifford after his winning run. Photo by Kyle Nelson.

Soul id Media Team members, Lars Gustafson and Connor Rickey, interviewing 1st place champion Harley Clifford after his winning run. Photo by Kyle Nelson.

After Harley Clifford won the biggest prize pot in PWT history of $7,500 with his 1st place finish, Soul id asked the champion a few questions about his winning performance:

Lars G.: How are you feeling right now?

Harley Clifford: I’m stoked right now, that’s three in a row for the US Pro tour for me. I guess all I can hope for is to get that fourth win in a row and have a perfect season in the US Pro tour.

Lars G.: Can you explain how you’re going to carry this momentum into the next round?

Harley Clifford: Always coming off with a win keeps you motivated, you come into the next event and everyone is chasing you, you get to sit last off the dock and watch everyone else ride. Definatly, going home on a high and practice hard for the next couple weeks and make sure I win the next one.

Lars G.: Can you take me through your winning run and what tricks you pulled?

Harley Clifford: My winning run, I was pretty stoked on it. I stuck a double tantrum, which really I think clinched the deal for me. I did a back-mode 5, back-mode 5, heel 9, it was a fun run and I was stoked when I got to the end. I went onto the next run and I wanted to throw down a little heavier run but had a crash. But, stoked on how the day went.

Lars G.: I know you had a perfect score already, has that effected your mindset? Since you got it, what’s better than that?

Harley Clifford: No, not really at all. I had a really good run then, you know like in surfing they give out perfect tens in contests and stuff all the time, it’s cool to see that wakeboarding is getting to the point where they give out perfect 100’s.


The 2015 Pro Wakeboarding Tour. Photo by Eli Libby.

Soul id spoke with Chris Bischoff, Director of Operations of the Pro Wakeboard Tour, about the current state of the 2015 Pro Wakeboarding Tour:

Lars G.: How would you say the tour is going this year?

Chris Bischoff: We have had an amazing start to our year. Our first two events have been great, were working on a new format this year, everything has been top notch and were super stoked. The turnout has been great, our first event had some really bad weather but still a good turnout. The second event amazing in Acworth, GA, and now here already in Lathrop, were packing the beach early in the morning.”

The final event in this year’s Pro Wakeboarding Tour will be at Traxler Park in Janesville, WI on August 1st. Follow Soul id’s Wakeboarding news page for the best and most recent wakeboarding content until this year’s Pro Wakeboarding Tour finishes up on August 1st with Harley Clifford going for a perfect four for four first place finishes!

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