Pro Wakeboard Tour Event 3: Soul id’s live coverage guide

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The Pro Wakeboard Tour stops next in Lathrop, CA tomorrow and the Soul id team will be providing comprehensive live updates, photos, and video with our media team. The event kicks off tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. with the Pro Men Surf Semifinals with the best wakeboarding, surf, and skim action on the West Coast going until 3:30 with the Pro Men Wakeboarding Finals finishing the day off.


Here is the schedule for the day from our friends at Supra Boats:

10:00 am           Pro Men Surf Semifinals
10:50 am           Pro Men Skim Semifinals
12:00 pm           Pro Men Wakeboarding Quarterfinals
1:50 pm             Pro Autograph Signing
2:00 pm            Pro Men Skim Head to Head Finals
2:20 pm            Pro Men Wakeboarding Semifinals
3:05 pm            Pro Autograph Signing
3:10 pm            Pro Men Surf Head to Head Finals
3:30 pm            Pro Men Wakeboarding Finals
4:30 pm            Awards on site
9 am- 5pm         Supra Boats On Water Demos

Soul id spoke with Red Bull sponsored professional wakeboarder and two-time world champion Cory Teunissen about his thoughts on tomorrow’s event:

Soul id: How do you feel about tomorrow?

Cory Teunissen: I’m excited, we had a contest here about four weeks ago and then we had a three week break and I took a little time off and just reset. I’m really, really excited and had a really good result at the last event and am carrying that, it’s the same site so hopefully it has some good luck.

For live updates, photos, and video: follow @soulidteam on Twitter and soulidteam on Snapchat and Periscope for the best live updates and content as it happens!

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