Life Of A Soul id Brand Ambassador- Nataly Conner

Life Of A Soul id Brand Ambassador- Nataly Conner


At the age of 2, Nataly Conner was already walking on water behind a boat. Growing up near Lake Berryessa in Napa, California, she adapted to life at the lake which quickly sparked into a passion. Nataly Conner splits her time as a wakeboarder, student, nanny, and Soul id Brand Ambassador. Her passion and skills for wakeboarding led her to meeting up with the Soul id team at a professional wakeboarding event in Lathrop, California. Nataly is not only a leader but a Collegiate National Wakeboard Champion in the women’s division.


Between training on the water, going to class, working, and managing her other leadership duties, Nataly has one of the most hectic schedules that a college student can possibly have. On the weekends you will find her participating in some sort of action sport with her boyfriend, who she met through action sports as well! Aside from attending school, wakeboarding, working, and her other roles, Nataly spends her time riding moto, hiking, and snowboarding. Nataly is one of the most well rounded female athletes that most people will ever meet.


When watching her behind the boat on the wakeboard, she is in her happy place and you can see her talent in full force. With her smooth riding and clean style, you immediately understand that she is a fierce competitor in the collegiate wakeboarding scene. When it comes to her favorite tricks, she is a fan of throwing ‘steezy’ grabs an poking them out for more style. In her bag of tricks, she has a 360 that she can throw. Not many girls in wakeboarding are doing these spins and gives her a leg up on the competition.


When asked who her favorite athlete was, she responded “I wouldn’t say there’s a specific athlete I look up to. When I was younger, I used to look up to all of the pro women’s wakeboarders. However, more recently, they took women out of the pro tour and it’s been rough as a supporter, and woman in the wakeboarding scene. However, I truly admire EVERY woman who still rides and competes in the competitions without hesitation or letting any of this set them back. Their passion and progression of the sport motivates me to be the rider I am today!”


Becoming a Soul id Brand Ambassador has allowed Nataly to collaborate with others sharing similar passions as her. Nataly states, “It’s pretty cool to talk to and meet people all around the world who love action sports. We all come together to support one brand for a similar love of one thing: action sports. It gives me the opportunity to build relationships with people I would have never met if it weren’t for Soul id.”


When asked if she had a motto, her response was instantly “Go big or go home!”. Growing up it was a joke between Nataly and her dad, but quickly realized that was how she lives her life. She doesn’t just give half effort on anything, she pushes herself to the limit in anything she does. In action sports she doesn’t shoot for a podium spot, she goes for gold every time. Nataly’s contribution to the Soul id team has been huge, constantly posting, sharing about Soul id and attending numerous events including Dew Tour in Breckenridge, CO. At the end of the day, Nataly is one of the most caring, well-rounded athletes you will ever meet and a great addition to the Soul id Brand Ambassadors.


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