Life Of A Soul id Brand Ambassador- Chompy Chavarria

Life of a Soul id Brand Ambassador- Chompy Chavarria



When it comes to the development of something special, it takes a unique group of people to carry out the efforts to complete the project. In the world of action sports, most athletes can relate to one another through their passion and dedication for a sport. The same passion is shared by the crew at Soul id who have made it their mission to connect athletes with one another to share their unique attributes. Every member is an integral part of the team to help share the word about Soul id.



We spent an afternoon interviewing one Soul id brand ambassador, Chompy Chavarria, who fuels his passion by skating some of the unique spots in all of Mexico City. An average day for Chompy consists of skating some of the sickest spots in all of Mexico City with a group of friends. When he isn’t skating he is attending meetings with his sponsors and setting up photo shoots at his local skate spots. Chompy’s motto on skating is redesign, rebuild, and reclaim. This really represents the purpose of never giving up and to constantly strive for improvements in your sport.


When we asked Chompy about his favorite aspect behind being a Soul id Brand Ambassador his response was highly motivating to all. He described in great detail about his interest in being a part of a new project, something that defined the purpose of action sports, and only about action sports. Chompy talks about his interests in being able to see others news and highlights representing the same passion rather than news about somebody’s current relationship status. He likes sharing his passion with others that understand and will appreciate what he has to show, say, and do!


For those of you that are looking to find more people to share your passion with others that will appreciate what you have to post, be sure to check out the Soul id app, available now at the Apple Store.



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