Kevin Shinohara: Day in the life of a Soul id Team Member

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Kevin Shinohara, a Mount Shasta native, kicks his morning off with a daily French pressed coffee to get ready for another day in the life of a Soul id team member. After the cup of joe, he plans what Soul id tasks he has for the day and gets to work.

Kevin is a vital part of the Soul id team and contributes in almost every single aspect of the business and was one of the five people on the original founding team. Sometimes, Kevin gets side-tracked checking out the newest moto and skate edits on his Soul id newsfeed as he works on items ranging from an interview with pro skater Greg Lutzka, designing Soul id tank tops, and working with the best athletes in the world for Soul id to interview and support. As soon as his day working for Soul id is over, Kevin tries to fit in as many different lifestyle activities as possible.

Soul id Kevin at work

In an average day in Kevin’s life, he might go hit a few laps on his mountain bike and then hop on his moto and head for the hills. To finish the day off, Kevin will usually end with some epic cliff jumping at the lake with his close friends.

Soul id Kevin jumpKevin’s Soul id’s:

What is your favorite extreme sport?

Kevin Shinohara: This is a really hard question because of the variation of action sports is really what I enjoy but Moto and cliff jumping definitely have to be some of my favorites.

Do you have a motto?

Kevin Shinohara: Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh!

Soul id: What do you love about action sports?

Kevin Shinohara: Adrenaline. Some people understand it, others don’t. Growing up, I never really played team or ball sports. I played baseball in high school, and two days of soccer in 3rd grade. The feeling of jumping through the air, going fast, getting into sketchy situations; there’s absolutely nothing like it.


Soul id: What 3 items would you take to a desert island other than food and water?

Kevin Shinohara: Go pro, Knife, and a dank blanky!

Soul id: What is your favorite aspect of being a part of the Soul id team?

Kevin Shinohara: The team and work environment. Everyone on the team is passionate about their work and we all get stoked to work on new projects or cover an event. In my opinion, this is exactly what work should be. When I was 12 years old, I told myself I would never be stuck in a cubicle doing something that I hate regardless of the pay. My family has always told me that I should do what I love and stick to it. This is exactly why I love Soul id, it doesn’t seem like work, it’s pure enjoyment.


For more updates on the life of Kevin, check out his Soul id profile and give him a follow! Kevin Shinohara’s Soul id

Author: Soul id Editor Lars Gustafson


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