Eli Libby: Day in the Life of a Soul id Team Member

Eli Libby, Relations Director of Soul id.

Eli Libby shredding his 2012 KX 450f repping his Soul id helmet.


A day in the life of Eli Libby, Relations Director, begins at 7 a.m. with a cup of coffee on the porch and his laptop browsing through the latest news in the world of action sports. Eli has to stay on top of the latest action sports news so he can help direct Soul id in the right direction to the biggest trending news and topics in the action sports world.

After catching up with the latest news, Eli gets active with a morning bike ride or a trip to the gym to get his blood pumping before cleaning up and making breakfast and heading to the Soul id office around 9 a.m. When Eli arrives to the downtown Chico Soul id office, he brings a good attitude that builds the Soul id team as they work hard and laugh at the same time.

Eli Libby, Relations Director of Soul id.

Eli Libby, Relations Director of Soul id.


As one of the original founding members and as the active relations director, Eli is involved in almost every aspect of Soul id. Eli’s main job is to maintain and build positive relationships with athletes, photographers, event coordinators and companies in the action sports industry. Eli is constantly sending out emails, making phone calls, scheduling meetings, and communicating with partners and clients from all over the world.

One of the newest components of Soul id is the Soul id Media Group where Eli is one of the main photographers in a group of four talented professionals that create video edits, photography albums, and killer articles for athletes and events. Eli’s favorite aspect of the Soul id Media Group is capturing the talent of these skilled athletes from behind the lens. The team enjoys using the term “Nug” as a shortened term for whenever a sick shot, video edit, or awesome quote is produced on the team. Eli’s favorite aspect of the team is the positive and fun atmosphere and attitude they have as they do the things they love.

The Soul id Media Group covering the Pro Wakeboard Tour in Lathrop, CA.

The Soul id Media Group covering the Pro Wakeboard Tour in Lathrop, CA.


Q&A with Eli Libby, Relations Director of Soul id:

Soul id: Where are you from originally and why did you choose to live in Chico?

Eli Libby: I am originally from Rocklin, CA. I choose to live in Chico after finishing up my business marketing degree at Chico State because of the great community in the town. Not only from a business standpoint and the support the community provides, but I love a “laid back” community with great people and I feel that Chico offers that. It’s also affordable for someone who just graduated.

Soul id: Can you explain Soul id in your own words?

Eli Libby: Soul id is more than a social network for athletes, it is the place for action and adventure sports. This industry is growing rapidly and Soul id is the hub for it. Aside from what the platform does, Soul id to me is a family. It is a group of my closest friends who all love what I love and are driven for success. You know you have found a great group of business partners when you’re all watching a moto video, and someone throws a huge whip and we all go crazy!

Soul id: What is your goal for Soul id as one of the original founding members?

Eli Libby: My goal is to have every action and adventure sport athlete on the system, sharing their footage from their GoPro and interacting about what they are passionate about. Another goal is to build a team around the company who are TRULY passionate about action sports, love to laugh and get work done!

Soul id: As the head of PR for Soul id, what is your favorite aspect of connecting with some of the best athletes from all over the world?

Eli Libby: Hands down being able to talk and build relationships with not only the top athletes, but top photographers and companies in the industry as well. It is pretty amazing to go to an event and become buddies with these athletes and connect with them on a friendly level. My goal is to not be business professional with these guys, instead, I love talking with these guys just like I do with any of my closest friends. When chatting with these athletes, the most rewarding feeling is when they say “yeah I have totally heard of Soul id” or “yeah I follow you guys on social media.” That means we are doing the job that we set out to do: create awareness and build relationships!

Eli Libby smashing down the track on his moto.

Eli Libby smashing down the track on his moto.


Soul id: What has been the hardest aspect of getting Soul id to where it is today?

Eli Libby: Initially it was building credibility so that athletes and photographers would listen to us. Now thats not a problem, but it was in the initial stages. The hardest thing was to get Soul id to start going viral. FaceBook campaigns really don’t do much, but when you throw a huge event, like the Soul id launch event: The Soul id Rail Jam. That is when it began to roll!

Soul id: What are some of your favorite memories over the past three years as you have built Soul id to where it is today?

Eli Libby:

  1. “Going to events with the team and meeting the best athletes and photographers in the world. It is something amazing to grow up watching your role models on TV, but to actually get to hang out with them in person is incredible. And I owe every second of those experiences to this company and specifically Ben Sampson for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this company.”
  2. “One of my favorite moments was when Ben Sampson and I went down to the KTM promo day before the big national motocross race at Hangtown. We had the opportunity to talk to Ryan Dungey, one of the best riders in the world, about Soul id and he was pumped. That night I got a notification on my phone that Ryan Dungey followed Soul id on Instagram and we went crazy! I couldn’t dial my phone fast enough before Ben called me and we both start the conversation screaming over what just happened. From there I was hooked, and love every encounter that we get with these professional athletes.”

Soul id: What extreme sports do you do?

Eli Libby:

  • Motocross
  • Mountain Biking
  • Snowboarding
  • Surfing
  • Skimboarding
  • Climbing
  • Wakeboarding
Eli #4

Eli Libby doing one of his favorite action sports, Mountain Biking.

Soul id: Why do you like extreme sports?

Eli Libby: It is the feeling of adrenaline that keeps us all coming back for more. When you grab that clutch and throw dirt out from the back of your dirt bike around a turn, or clear a table top, it is the best feeling in the world. I love action sports because when you are surrounded by true action sports athletes and you see a sick photo or video edit, the whole group can’t stop saying how sick it is!

Soul id: What is the craziest thing you have ever done in your life?

Eli Libby:Snowboarding at Kirkwood Ski resort, I sent a jump off a 30ft drop on a powder day. One of the best feelings in the world, that is why I love action sports.

Soul id: Do you have a motto?

Eli Libby: “Hold my beer and watch this!” and “Life is too short, so do what you love and don’t let anything stop you.”

Soul id: Do you play any instruments?

Eli Libby: Bass guitar, electric guitar and acoustic guitar.

If you would like to follow Eli Libby more, check out his Soul id profile here! 

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