Action Sports Slang and Lingo

The Soul id Extreme Sports Dictionary

The Soul id Action Sports Dictionary

With words ranging from steezy to mongo, the world of extreme sports is filled with crazy and wacky terms used to describe all sorts of things. Here is Soul id’s Action Sports dictionary to guide you through the diverse range of terms used in action sports, some of the best slang and lingo:

Amped (verb.): amp-ed:

-The action of being extremely excited/happy.

“I am totally amped on this new skatepark!”


Bail (verb.): bay-el:

– The action of jumping/falling off your skateboard, bike, etc.

“I was about to crash so I bailed dude!”

James Doerfling attempts to jump the large Oakley Sender during practice at Red Bull Rampage, in Virgin, UT, USA, on X October, 2013. // Ian Hylands/Red Bull Content Pool // P-20131012-00004 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

Photo Credit: John Gibson

Bomb (verb.): bo-mm:

-The action of going at a high rate of speed down a hill.

“Dude, are you going to bomb that hill?”

longboarding bomb

Photo Credit: Doug Tolman

Bolts (adj.): boll-ts:

– A term describing when the rider has landed his feet on both bolts of the trucks on his skateboard/ A term for a perfect landing.

“Wow, Tim landed that tre flip on the bolts.”


Bonked (adj.): Bohn-ked:

-Used to describe someone who is extremely tired.

“Man, I am totally bonked from snowboarding this morning.”


Brappp (noun.): bra-hh-ppp

-The sound a motocross bike makes as it accelerates.

“Dude, I was like brap brap up that two-step!”


Bro (adj.): bra-oh

-A term used for a friend. Dude/man are synonyms.

“Hey bro, can you pass me that bag of fritos?”


Brown Pow (adj.): brow-neh-pa-ow

-A term used for the best dirt to mountain bike or dirt bike on.

“As the two friends unloaded their mountain bikes, Kyle said “Check out this brown pow Eli! Today is going to be awesome.”

brown pow

Photo Credit: Laurence Crossman Emms

Bitchin’ (adj.): bit-chin

-A descriptive term used for something that is cool/exciting.

“After Harley Clifford landed a double tantrum, Sean exclaimed that was bitchin’ dude!”


Buttery (adj): but-er-ey

-Describing something (trick, jump or landing) that was very smooth.

“The park is super buttery today bro!”


Carve (verb.): car-veh

-The action of cutting back and forth down the mountain while snowboarding.

“ Josh carved a line through the fresh powder down Mt. Shasta.”


Casing it (verb.): cahs-eng-it

-The term used when a rider on a bike lands flat on his wheels, typically used when the back wheel hits first.

“ Mark didn’t get enough speed off the jump and cased it hard.”

Cha/chi/che (inter.): chyeah/chei/chee

-A term used in place of saying yes or for sure.

“Person 1.) “Hey Brad, want to go grab BBQ sandwiches?”

Person 2.) “Chaaaa bro.”


Cherry Dirt (phrase.): chair-ey-dert

-A phrase used to describe good dirt to ride on. See brown pow above.

“Look at this, we are going to shred this cherry dirt!”


Drop-In (verb.): drahp-ien

-The action of riding your skateboard into a bowl or other downhill area.

“Come on dude, just drop-in and ride!”


Dialed-in (adj.): die-ald

– A term used to describe someone who is extremely focused and ready for their next action.

“ Man look how dialed-in Jake is, he is about to kill this set on the trail!”


Endo (noun.): en-doe

-An Endo is a trick where the front-brake is pushed and the back tire comes off the ground.

“Let’s have an endo competition guys!”


Photo Credit: Kede Hedemann

Epic (adj.): eeh-pick

-A term used to describe something that is extremely cool.

“When Travis Pastrana threw the double backflip on his moto, it was epic!”


Fakie (verb.): fah-keey

– An action when a skateboarder rides with his stance forward, but moves backwards.”

“ Bro did you switch to Fakie?”


For days (phrase.): for-days

-A phrase that means for an extended amount of time.

“We were skating for days.”


Gnar(ly) (adj.): nar-ly

-A term used to describe that is tough or brutal.

“Damn, that mountain bike crash was so gnarly.”


Goofy (adj.): gew-fey

-A term for skateboarders and snowboarders that ride with their right foot forward, the opposite of regular stance.

“ Greg Lutzka, pro skater, rides goofy.”

greg lutzka goofy

Hairy (adj.): har-ey

-A term used for a difficult or hard situation.

“Man, that 10-stair looks pretty hairy bro.”


Heavy (adj.): hev-ee

-An enormously large wave or feature.

“Dude, did you see how heavy that wave was?”

heavy wave

Photo Credit: To’ Mane

Ill (adj.): ie-ll

-A term used to describe something cool or sick.

“I can’t believe you landed that, so ill!”


Janky (adj.): jayne-key

-A term used to describe something that isn’t up to standards.

“Dude, this road is so janky, so many potholes.”


Jibb(ing) (verb): Jib-bing

-Used to describe the action of sliding across at box, table or rail on a snowboard or skis.

“Lets go get a quick jib sesh in before the park closes!”

Killer (adj.): kill-aer

-A term used to describe anything awesome.

“This skate comp. is killer! So many pros are here.”


Mongo (verb.): mon-go

-When a skateboarder pushes with his back foot instead of his front foot.

“Travis pushed down the sidewalk mongo-style.


Nug (verb): Nuh-g

-A photo taken that is prime and exceptional.

Bro 1: “Dude, dude did you see Kyle’s nug?”

Bro 2: ” Ya man I did, almost as good as Eli’s nug!”

Bro 1: “Ok?”


Overshot (adj.): oh-ver-shot

-Used to describe when someone goes too far on a jump and misses the landing.

“Todd went way too fast and overshot the landing and ate it hard.”


Pitted (adj): Pit-ted

-Used when a surfer is deep in the barrel of a wave.

“I was coming through this wave and got so pitted brah!”

Poser (adj.): poh-ser

-A term used for people who try to be cool or try way too hard.

“Donnie is the biggest poser I know, he tries way too hard.”


Pow (noun): Pah-ouh

-A term used to describe deep fluffy snow (powder).

“Lets go shred some of that POW today!


Rad (adj.): rah-d

-Used to describe anything cool or awesome.

“Jeff’s new bike is rad!


Roost (adj): roo-st

-Dirt that is sprayed out/kicked up in the action of riding a mountain bike or dirt bike.

“Dude, you threw some gnarly roost around that berm!

roost moto

Photo Credit: Eli Libby

Righteous (adj.): rye-t-ous

-A term for anything that is rad or cool.

“This weather is righteous man!”


Schwap (adj.): Scwa-ph

-A term for anything that sucks or is bad.

“I can’t believe the road is closed, so schwap.”


Scrub (noun.): Scrah-bub

-A down-low tucking move over a jump for all bike sports.

“ Bro, did you see me scrub that table top!?”

Sending it (phrase.): Senh-ding-it

– A phrase for launching yourself off a jump.

“Dude, this guy has been sending it all afternoon and has been getting major air!”


Session (noun.): Sesh-un

-A word for a long, extended ride.

“We went for the longest session this morning, it was awesome!”


Shred (verb.): Shreh-d

-An action of riding hard through a course in any action sport.

“Doug shredded through the mountain bike trail as the adrenaline pumped though his veins.”


Sketch (adj.): ska-etch

-A word describing something that is scary and tough.

“Dude, this jump is totally sketch. Let’s do it!”


Snap (noun.): Snah-p.

-The snap is the cut-off on the top of a wave.

“Did you see that huge snap off the top of that wave!”


Photo Cred: Ryan Miller

Steezy (adj.):

– A descriptive word used when a person lands a clean trick with style.

“Colton landed a steezy 360° while wakeboarding.”


Stoked (adj.):

– Used in place of excited or happy.

“I am totally stoked that we are going to the US Open of Surfing!”


Regular (noun.):

-The normal stance on a skateboard, left foot forward on the board.

“John doesn’t skate goofy, he skates regular.”


Rippin’ (adj.):

-Used to describe someone who is going hard down a course. See Shred above.

“Connor was rippin’ through the moto course as fast as he could go.”


Technical (adj.):

-Used to describe tricky, precise and intricate tricks.

“ John tried many technical tricks, but was still having a tough time landing them.”


Did we miss anything? What are you favorite words to use? Add them in the comment section below!

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